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Welcome to Zetapedia![edit]

The purpose of Zetapedia is to provide & gather information for the Multiple zeta value-Community. Please feel free to create an account and submit content.

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Seminars & Conferences[edit]

Main topics[edit]

  • Definitions: Basic definitions of MZV's and the generalisations we are interested in
  • Programming: Topics related to programming (Pari/gp, SageMath, Mathematica) around MZV
  • Relations: Some (well-categorised) listing of types of relations
  • History: Some historical discussion
  • Problems: Deep and/or persistent problems in the theory
  • Curiosities: Random patterns/observations which might lead to some more significant results
  • Exercises: Some exercises and/or basic questions about MZV's
  • References: A listing of papers in the theory of MZV's, perhaps trying to modernise the MZV reference page of Hoffman
  • People: A list of mathematicians working in our area. Similar to Seki-sans list here: Sekis Links